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Completely Operate & Promote Your Business Brokerage Firm with our Management Software and Network of Business Web Sites
3 Step Plan to Increase Your Business Broker Profits
Web Based Business Broker Management Software "Your Paperless Office"
  • The World's Only Internet Based Business Broker Management Software
  • Access Your Office from anywhere in the world using an Internet Connection
  • Unlimited Listings, Unlimited Agents - No Commissions!! No Hidden Fees!!
  • Buyer Registration Agreements are automatically generated from Listings
  • Seller's Confidentiality is Protected with Buyer's ID attached to Buyer page
  • All Buyer, Seller, Agent, and Broker Information is linked together
  • Organize, track & search your leads, deals, contracts, & closings
  • Automatically Draft and Print Legal Forms for Buyers & Sellers
  • Automatic emails to buyers, sellers, sales agents, and brokers
Increase Your Sales with Our Business Broker Paperless Office
Your Firm, Agents & Listings Automatically appear in the Internet's Largest Business Broker-Merger Acquisition Network
Brand Your Business Brokerage Firm & Build Your Name Recognition
"Our Philosophy" is we are solely focused on you, the Business Broker. We are dedicated to the Business Broker - Merger Acquisition Industry. Our company will continuously provide evolving, state-of-the-art tools to assist our members in the improvement of their business practices and growth of their brand name. Unlike the other Business For Sale Internet sites, "Our Commitment to You" is to increase your profits and give you better controls of your Firm and Agents.
  • On all of our Web Sites, Your Business Broker Logos & Firms Information shows up with power
  • Build our company by helping your company improve your business and increase your profits
  • Your Listings and Your Firm's Name will be very High on Search Engines
  • Develop leading-edge tools to better your firm and our industry
  • Help increase sales and lower the overhead of your Firm
  • Improve your Agents & your skills as a Broker - Owner
  • Help Business Brokers increase your sales
  • Our Business Brokerage Internet Bases Management Software and out Network of Web Sites are completely focused on bettering your firm's position and improving your Brand Recognition.
Promote your Firm's Name: We Build your Business Broker Name Recognition
Internet Based Business Brokerage Management Software
ORGANIZE, TRACK, & SEARCH ALL BUSINESS AVENUES - Maintain all of your Agents' History forever. Search for exactly what you need for each of the Buyers & Sellers you meet. Each Listing, Buyer Registration, all Legal documents, Notes and History, etc. are attached to each of the Agents', Sellers', & Buyers' files.
WEB BASED CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE - We provide web based Customer Relationship Management software in which you store all your business listings, buyers, & sellers. Store contact info, Legal Documents, Buyer Registrations, Forms, dated notes and history, & specific business interests.
ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, JUST GO ON THE INTERNET & YOUR OFFICE IS AVAILABLE - All of your records and your Agents' records are at your finger tips 24 hours a day. Just Logon and you are in your office ready to transact business. We have backups of all activities that are e-mailed to you everyday.
AUTOMATICALLY DRAFT & PRINT LEGAL FORMS FOR BUYERS & SELLERS - As you communicate with buyers and sellers, and you enter their information into their account record, the Legal Documents and Forms, such as Binders, Buyer Registrations, Exclusive Agreements, and lots more are automatically created.
YOUR FIRM WILL INCREASE ITS SALES IN THE FIRST YEAR BY 30% TO 40%. We have built into our Management Software the tools to force your Agents to talk to their Buyers & Sellers more often. The Buyers are automatically receiving every new listing that meets their criteria. Management has tremendous tools to monitor and improve.
YOUR OWN BROKERAGE FIRM WEBSITE & ONE FOR EACH AGENT; LISTED & SEARCHABLE IN OUR DIRECTORIES - Your firm has its own broker website containing an overview of your company and its contact info & listings. Each agent has their own website containing their overview, contact info, & listings (& the firm's listings).
WE SUPPLY TO YOU ALL YOUR LISTINGS AND AGENTS PICTURES & INFORMATION FOR YOUR OWN WEBSITE - You can put on your own website two beautiful pages of your agents with all their individual Listings and all the Listings in your firm on one page. You get all types of searches built into these pages.
INCLUDE PICTURES OF YOUR LISTINGS IN YOUR MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE AND THE INTERNET - In our software you can hit a button to include pictures on the Internet or not. If you choose not to show the picture, then on the Internet it will put your Brokerage Firm logo instead of the picture of the business. We love to Brand Your Company Name.
LOW MONTHLY COST FOR OUR SOFTWARE & INTERNET USAGE - All the other large Internet Sell You Business sites do one thing, this is show your listings on the Internet. We are the only company, that has a "Business Broker web based customer software" & the Internet's Largest Business Broker-Merger Acquisition Broker Network to show your listings.
MOVE ALL YOUR LISTINGS FROM ANY OTHER INTERNET SITE DIRECTLY INTO OUR SOFTWARE FOR FREE - You will be able to transfer all your listings on the Internet right into our software. If you have 20 Listings or 20,000 Listings they will all be put into our Management software in minutes.
Industry Leading Advanced On-Line Security - Embedded within the management system is strict Seller's confidentiality safeguards to protect and insure Buyer's, and Seller's privacy. Also custom security can be added for each Seller, Buyer, and Broker.
99.98% Reliability and Uptime - With our Enterprise level infrastructure in place, quality of service is second to none. Premium bandwidth in conjunction with Microsoft, Cisco, and Linux engineers available to maintain and improve our operations quality is #1.
Market Your Listings For Sale
All your Listings, Agents & Brokerage Firm will automatically show up in our search engines and 12 websites, in the Internet's Largest Business Broker-Merger Acquisition Broker Network. Your Broker name, Logo and contact information will be in all the "Find a Broker" areas in all of our 12 sites below:
CO-BROKERING - Have access to listings from other brokers willing to co-broker, and offer your listings for co-brokering with other that you choose. Co-Brokering in the Business Broker community has huge possibilities. With we encourage and promote Co-Brokering opportunities.
AUTOMATIC EMAILS SENT TO BUYERS, SELLERS & AGENTS - Easily generate auto-emails to be sent to buyers (when you have new listings fitting their interest), sellers (maintaining communication) and agents (when a new buyer has interest in their listing, or if an agent in your firm has a new listing).
EMAIL CAMPAIGNS - Automatic emails are generated once a week and sent to all buyers and/or sellers for 30 weeks after sign-up. This campaign of emails can be newsletters, announcements or press releases showing information about your Brokerage Firm. At any time you can send email to all buyers, all sellers, or all agents at the same time.
UNLIMITED LISTINGS - Advertise all of your business for sale listings. Maintain unmatched organization of each with your customer relationship management software, ensuring your greatest success with each listing. After the listings are in, then the fun come with our fantastic tools that show all the activities attached to the Seller's Listing Page.
ALL YOUR LISTINGS SHOW UP AS A "FEATURED LISTING" FREE OF CHARGE, in Broker list pages & Broker search results across the Internet. All your Listings will show up as a "Featured Broker" which has a High priority placement above Standard Listings. You get over Three (3) times the exposure the a Standard Ad.
No Commissions!!! No Hidden Fees!!! Unlimited Agents web sites - Your Listings will show up on your own website. The most cost effective way to have a powerful presence on the Internet to Sell Your Listings, Attract Buyers, Attract Sellers, Brand your Firm and get many hits to your website.
Premium Membership, Free Consulting and Leads Program
PREMIUM LISTINGS ARE FREE. ALL YOUR LISTINGS AUTOMATICALLY BECOME "PREMIUM LISTINGS" - You get over Three (3) times the exposure than a Featured Ad. You get Six (6) times the exposure than a Standard Ad. Premium Ads will appear before Standard Ads and Featured Ads on search results pages
You will be a Free Member of our elite "CEO Advisory Group" - Our top Four Merger Acquisition-Business Broker executive team made up of our CEO, President, and two top Merger Acquisition executives are available by telephone to answer any questions you have. This team is in place to help your company increase sales and be more productive. Our CEO, Sheldon Manheim, has written a book, EXIT STRATEGY, The Art of Selling a Business, The Vertical Horizontal Selling Method & Recasting. If you join our Premium Membership and become a member of our "CEO Advisory Group," you will be entitled to consult with Sheldon Manheim and the other executive members regarding your individual needs and specific problems. Our expertise is in: How to put back a deal after a buyer or seller changed their mind and called off the deal? How to sign up Listings that sell? How to keep Seller and Buyers happy even though you have not had much communication with them? How to put out fires correctly, and stop them from repeating themselves? How to receive full commission at closing? How to get 40 million dollar listings?
PREMIUM LEADS PROGRAM ONLY FOR MEMBERS OF OUR CEO ADVISORY GROUP - You will receive Exclusive Leads directly from the "CEO Advisory Group." These Leads are from your geographical area and will help you generate New Listings and Buyers.
Free Copy of the Book "Exit Strategy" - Please enjoy this book. There are many areas for Business Brokers and Agents to learn skills that will help you in increasing sales. How do you find the correct company to merger with a larger or smaller company that is a perfect fit? How to motivate Agents to get good listings and attract good Buyers, etc.
Premium On-Line Support - Our staff of specialists can support any sized team with world class professionalism and time managed resolutions. Unlimited usage of on-line support at no extra cost.
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